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My name is David and I take pride in my work. I have over 5 years experience and countless satisfied customers. I own this company and plan on growing through great service and reputation.  Integrity is very important to me and honest service is a must. Thank you for your consideration of using Integrity Rodent Solutions!

"Peace of mind, health, and a clean space are so important for the places that we work and live, and a sure way to disrupt that is with a rodent problem. That's why it's such a pleasure for us to resolve those problems, and why we are passionate about responding quickly, and with long-term solutions."

A family man born and raised in the East Bay, David Swaim has been resolving rodent infestations since 2014.  He started his career working as an employee at another rodent exclusion company, where he found the work to be really rewarding. When his employer made the decision to relocate his business, David was inspired to continue helping people on his own, and that's when Integrity Rodent Solutions was born. 

Integrity Rodent Solutions is so committed to serving their customers to the highest standard, that the work comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Learn more on the "services" page.

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